Custom Stainless Steel Exhausts

Tailored to you: Custom Stainless Steel Exhausts for BMW & Mini

Stainless Exhaust Systems

Dragon Automotive have the equipment and skills to install and fabricate custom bespoke exhaust systems meeting your specfic requirements.

Alternatively we also supply & install systems from Larini, Miltek and other off the shelf performance suppliers.

Custom Exhaust Systems

In-House Fabrication

Lifetime Parts & Labour Warranty


Custom Performance Exhausts

Fabricated In House to your Specfications

We manufacture all of our exhausts in-house from 304 grade stainless steel. Fully installed and tested our exhaust systems will give you a lifetime's trouble free performance. Which is why we offer a lifetime warranty.

We can tailor any part of the exhaust system to your requirements ensuring complete satisfaction. From 100% power focused, to Silent as a Rolls Royce running; we can create it all.


Muffler Choice

We stock a range of mufflers from the leading exhaust fabrication companies like Longlife & Powerflow as well as exhaust companies like CherryBomb, Miltek, Larini etc.

However to deliver the best flexibility we also have the ability to fabricate onsite a muffler to any number of different designs giving sound and performance to meet your exact specifications.

Our Muffler Range

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Tip Choice

Dragon Performance carries a wide range of exhaust tips for you to pick from. We are also able to fabricate any design you desire.

Have you seen an example you like the look of? Maybe seen something in a newspaper or magazine article, we can help create the look you want.

Our Exhaust Tip Range

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Custom Manifolds

We design, build & test manifolds for a wide range of BMW and Mini engines expelling exhaust gas quicker, developing a smoother rev range and increased torque.

Designing and creating a stainless steel manifold is an art that can't be rushed. It is a highly intricate job that takes time. Dragon can incorporate turbo flanges for single or dual turbo setups.

We also carry a range of British and German made BMW manifolds from leading manufacturers.

Custom Exhaust Manifolds

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High Flow Catalytic Converters

Standard 400 CPSI Cats or 200 CPSI Sports Cats can be fitted as part of a system or as standalone.

A standard OEM cat has a 2 year guarantee whereas a Sports Cat has a lifetime guarantee.

About High Flow Cats

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Lifetime Warranty

Full Parts & Labour Warranty on all Custom Exhaust Systems

A fully comprehensive complete parts and labour lifetime warranty is standard on all of our custom exhaust systems.

For further information about our lifetime warranty please visit our exhaust warranty page.

Exhaust Lifetime Warranty