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Dragon Automotive have pieced together a comprhensive list of BMW engines and their production dates using our knowledge and that from Wikipedia.
If you have information to share or want to list a common problem with a certain engine you can do so.

BMW Engines

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List of BMW Engines

MINI Engines

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List of MINI Engines

Gear Ratios

Need to workout a BMW gear ratio? Need to know a roadspeed for a certin RPM or gear? Our Ratio Calculators can help
Dragon Automotive has worked out a number of common BMW gear ratios using our rolling road to help you in your quest to pick the right diff, tyres, wheels or gearbox or just help yu tune your BMW or MINI vehicle.

BMW Ratio Calculators and BMW Ratio Data

Automotive Acronyms and Abbreviation

Some acronyms of 1 or 2 characters were can be interpreted incorrectly and may cause confusion, use carefully! We'd like to think we've got all BMW Abbreviations and acronyms covered but there maybe some we don't know of. let us know any we missed.

BMW Abbreviation and Acronyms