SRS Airbag Faults

SRS Light on? Seat Mat problem? Tensioner or Airbags defective?
Dragon Automotive can help

BMW AirBag & BMW SRS problems solved!
SRS and Airbag systems should never be left in a defective state, they could save your life
Incorrectly repaired systems can be fatal if they detonate prematurely or fail to work when required.


Diagnosing the problem

As with all faults correct diagnosis is key to a successful repair. With an SRS Airbag system this is never truer. Whilst the SRS system can save your life, an faulty system could be putting you in greater danger of injury!
Our expertise combined with a vast array of equipment and test rigs enables us to diagnose SRS faults correctly. In many cases we can rectify a fault whilst improving the specification to prevent future faults.


BMW Seat Belt Sensors & Tensioners

Most modern cars have a seat belt sensor, this allows the SRS system to identify that the seat belt is in use and confirm that someone is in the seat. During collision, a charge within the belt buckle applies tension to the seat belt itself, holding you securely.


BMW Seat Occupancy Sensors

Seat occupancy sensors also detect someone sitting in the front seats, these are common to fail and will result in an SRS warning light. We can repair these systems or if requested we can also code the sensor out.


Crash Data Resets

SRS Warning Lamp? SRS Defective message?

MOT Regulations can mean that an SRS warning light on the dash is a failure issue.
In most cases we can reset the controlling ECU to clear any crash or fault data.