The Need to Stop!

It's great to keep your car running but it's just as important to be able to stop!

Regardless of power and no matter how fast you drive, braking is a fundamental necessity. For optimum maintenance and peace of mind, the braking system should be assessed once a year. An hours worth of brake inspection could save a life, be it your own or not.


Upgraded Brake Discs

Uprated Performance Brake Discs for BMW/MINI

Dragon Automotive offer the complete package for Brake Disc services. We supply quality new discs and drums. We can also recondition your existing discs where serviceable.

We can provide top quality Bosch, TRW, Febi, Ferodo, Brembo and Manufacturer Discs at reasonable prices. We also have our Brake skimming system to resurface your current discs. Our high specification Brake skimming machines are fully BMW and Ferrari Approved.


Upgraded Brake Pads

Uprated Performance Brake Pads for BMW

Dragon Automotive supply new pad sets with wear sensors where applicable and can also resurface your existing pads.

We can source Bosch, TRW, Febi, Ferodo, Brembo and Genuine Pad sets. Sometimes Brake pad resurfacing is an option during Brake Disc Skimming.


Upgraded Brake Calipers

Uprated Performance Brake Calipers for BMW

Brake calipers vary in style and design, modern cars often have electronic calipers, and they generally have good longevity provided the brake fluid has been well serviced but nothing lasts forever.

Sometimes caliper pistons become sticky and start to bind, staying on causing excess brake heat. This often results in brake squeal, warped discs and abnormally rapid brake pad wear. In severe cases, you'll experience ABS and major braking issues.

Dragon Automotive can source and supply uprated brake calipers for nearly any German or Performance vehicle. Calipers are usually exchange items and we only supply top quality approved parts.

Book an appointment to discuss your options with one of our Performance Technicians.

Bring the car for an honest appraisal of the best options tailored to your car.