SMG Gearbox Servicing

Keep your SMG gearbox in tip top condition

Most Specialists including dealers neglect the SMG transmission until its too late. Yet a little maintenance can prevent a multitude of problems.

Dragon Automotive specialise in repairing SMG transmissions and have formulated a cheap but effective servicing routine to help prevent expensive failures. We want to keep your running costs as low as possible and help you avoid unplanned repairs. We believe in preventative maintenance.

The electronics and hydraulics on an SMG system are based on those of a Ferrari F1 or Maserati DuoSelect system from Magneti Marelli (we've actually repaired a lot of these too), the difference is that Maserati and Ferrari include servicing the hydraulics more often as part of their standard service plans.

Our SMG Servicing Program includes:

Fluid Change

We change the hydraulic fluid and also the brake/clutch fluid to avoid moisture buildup which can destroy seals and corrode the SMG unit internals

Uprated Hydraulic Fluid

We replace the Hydraulic fluid with an uprated fluid that's used by Ferrari to prolong seal life.

Actuator Lubrication

We clean and lubricate the clutch actuator to prevent the need for excessive pressure from the pump i.e. contaminates which prevent smooth actuations and make the actuator stick

Motor Bush Cleaning

On higher mileage vehicles we offer an option to clean the motor bushes, removing dust and carbon.

Gearbox Oil Change

To prolong the life of the transmission itself we replace the gearbox oil with Quality Shell, Mobil or Castrol Lubricants.

E46 M3 SMG Servicing

Typical Service Cost of £145

E60 M5 SMG Servicing

Typical Service Cost of £165

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