Starting Issues? Key Symbol or Immobiliser message?

Immobiliser issues are often misdiagnosed.
If the car won't start we can quickly and easily determine if it's as a result of an immobiliser issue.

BMW Key Reader

Key Reader Problems

We can test your cars immobliser key reader while you wait and without charge. If you think you have a key issue, sometimes its the reader ring. With a simple tool we can accurately determine where the fault lies.

BMW Ews Issues

EWS Immobiliser Repairs

Most pre 2004 model BMW models (BMW L322 Range Rovers and Rover 75s included) have an EWS module based immobliser. We can repair these modules, we can adapt new and used modules, we can adapt engine ECUs and also create new keys.

EWS Emulator

EWS Immobliser Bypassing

In most cases, if requested we can bypass BMW EWS 3, BMW EWS 2 and BMW EWS 1 modules. Should your vehicle have one of these EWS variants installed we can remove the EWS completely.

BMW CAS Module

CAS Module Repairs

Dragon can repair all CAS modules from the earliest CAS 1 found in the E65 to the very latest CAS 4 modules found in the latest F series. If you need a new key or you need a replacement engine or gearbox module synced up, it's not a problem for us.

Tektronic MSO BMW

Free Key Test

If your key no longer starts the car or remote central locking functions have stopped working, Dragon is happy to provide a FREE Key test to verify the immobiliser and remote control functions.