BMW and Mini Inspections

Used Car - Coming out of Warranty - Insurance Inspections

BMW and Mini Car Inspections by Experts

Used Car Inspections

Just bought a used car? We can inspect your vehicle to give you a detailed report of roadworthiness and any work that needs completing. Don't let your used car warranty expire without addressing any outstanding faults that you might not know about

End of Manufacturer Warranty Inspections

Do you have a new car warranty on your BMW or Mini? Before the warranty expires let us give you a detailed report about outstanding issues that could be covered under your dealer manufacturer warranty.

A Second Opinion

Have you been told that something needs replacing on your car that you're not sure of? Or even that there is nothing wrong with the car when you are sure there is? Let Dragon Automotive give you a second opinion and written report of our findings.

Insurance Inspections

We conduct reports for a wide range of insurance and aftermarket warranty companies and we can help customers that have been refused payouts under their policy. Our team are very experienced at dealing with aftermarket warranties.

Mileage Verification

In our experience we have reason to believe that up to 50% of used BMW and Mini cars have experienced mileage tampering at some point. If you want us to verify the mileage of your vehicle we can examine the electronics of the Dashboard and other modules to determine if they have signs of being affected.

Service History Verification

Full Service History? Are you sure?
We can help verify whether your car has been serviced as claimed. As part of all inspections we check the BMW service records online and contact the franchished dealer or independent workshop that last serviced the car.

Used Car Inspections

Unfortunately buying used cars is always a bit of a gamble but if there's a trader involved, by law they have to provide a warranty.

The joy of the latest legislation in car trading is that if you get sold a car with problems, there is consumer protection to help you get the problem sorted without being out of pocket.

For the small cost of a full used car inspection at Dragon Automotive you can have peace of mind and be reassured that there isn't a hidden big bill on the car just around the corner.

If you've spent a small fortune on the car of your dreams, don't take a chance on car salesman honesty. There are good ones out there but there's also plenty of not-so-good ones!

You'd be surprised how often we've inspected a car with a freshly stamped service book yet the oil is dirty and the air filters are filthy. How many traders just reset the service light?

Who then picks up the bill when the car starts to suffer problems resulting from lack of maintenance prior to your ownership?
Oh dear, that would be you!