South Wales Independent BMW, Mini & Performance Vehicle Specialist

Driving Pleasure Minus the Dealer Pain

South Wales Independent BMW & Mini Experts

Dedicated to BMW, Mini and Performance Vehicles - We don't dilute our expertise by doing all makes or claiming to be experts in all German Brands.

You might find another garages that specialise in Audi, BMW and Mercedes but at Dragon BMW Vehicles are at our core

Focused on BMW & Mini

Our primary focus is BMW & Mini vehicles.
Our experience on the entire model range is extensive.

100% Independent & up to 60% lower labour rate than South Wales Dealerships.

Ferrari & Maserati

We have the tooling and expertise to undertake Ferrari and Maserati Servicing, Repairs and Rebuilds.

From a classic model up to the latest range, we're independent & reasonably priced.

Qualified Technicians

All our technicians are fully qualified with certification up to NVQ Level 4 or equivalent.

Most are also former dealer trained and have 30 plus years of experience too.

Up-To-Date Equipment

We've got access to exactly the same equipment that the dealership has plus a multitude of extra equipment they don't have.

If the computer says no at Dragon, our technicians are allowed to think outside the box to find the solution.

Expert Diagnostics

BMW & Mini Car Diagnostics
Exceeding Dealer Capabilites.

We get multiple calls from customers that have wasted money replacing parts only for the problem to remain unsolved.
At Dragon we take a different approach using expert staff & equipment to ensure that the diagnosis is accurate and will resolve the problem.

Not only do we have the same tooling as franchised dealers and the best of aftermarket expert equipment, we also have an in-house electronics lab, in-house rolling road & master level diagnostic technicians.

BMW Car Servicing

Servicing your BMW at Dragon is easy, cost effective and results in your car being maintained to a higher standard than you'd receive elsewhere

BMW Car Servicing

Mini Car Servicing

Your BMW MINI can also benefit from Dragon Expertise. Get a service designed around you, not around BMW and the Dealership profits!

Mini Car Servicing

New Car Warranty

Your new car warranty is not affected by servicing outside the dealer network. Infact we'll do far more than the dealer does to keep you on the road.

Aftermarket Warranties

Dragon understands running a car can be expensive. We are happy to deal with aftermarket warranty companies on your behalf.

Great Tyre Prices

Stainless Exhausts

In-House Design & Custom Fabrication

We have the latest in fabrication equipment to aid us designing and building a custom exhaust system tailored around you and your car.

A custom stainless system by Dragon will perform better, look better, last a lifetime and ultimately be better for your wallet.

Custom Exhausts

We manufacture all of our exhausts in-house from 304 grade stainless steel. We can tailor any part of the exhaust system to your requirements ensuring complete satisfaction. From 100% power focused, to Silent as a Rolls Royce running; we can create it all.

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Why Pick Dragon?

Unlike most exhaust centres in South Wales, at Dragon we live & breathe BMW, Mini & Performance vehicles. We don't claim to be a jack of all brands! We're particularly dedicated to BMW & Maserati vehicles and as such we know exactly how to provide the best exhaust system for your car.

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Lifetime Warranty

A fully comprehensive complete parts and labour lifetime warranty is standard on all of our custom exhaust systems. In the unlikely event that you're not happy with your custom exhaust, you can pop back to see us under your no quibble lifetime warranty.

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A great range of Upgrade Service for your BMW, Mini or Performance Vehicle

If you can imagine it, we can do it. From a Telephone Upgrade, Retrofitting BMW or Aftermarket accessories or building you a track day turbo monster.

Our full Range of Upgrades

Most Equipped in South Wales

No other BMW or Mini Specialist in South Wales provides the same level of IN-HOUSE ONSITE facilities as we do.

Exhaust Systems

Fancy a Custom Stainless Exhaust for your BMW or Mini? Not a problem, we can design and make it at our workshop.

Exhaust Systems

Remapping & Tuning

We have our own high specification Rolling Road. Rest assured that with Dragon you're getting a custom tune written in-house, not a slave device generic off-the-shelf map.

BMW and Mini Remaps

Retrofits & Coding

From coding out runflats to fitting folding mirrors or an IDrive upgrade. No problem is too big or too small for Dragon.

BMW and Mini Retrofits

How can we save you money without cutting corners?

It's simple, it all comes down to costs.
Our cost base is approx. 1/20 of the cost base of a typical BMW or Mini Dealer.

Our motivations don't involve meeting a BMW AG imposed sales target to keep a franchise. Our aim is to be the ultimate Independent Specialist!

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Clean Workshop

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Focused Dedicated Team

No flashy showroom

No men in suits needing offices

No red tape

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