Auto Electrical

South Wales BMW Auto Electrical Experts

BMW & Mini Auto Electrical problems solved!
Have you been told you have a wiring fault?
Has a garage suggested you need an auto electrician?


BMW & Mini Wiring Diagnostics

BMW Wiring Repairs - Short Circuits - Comms Errors

If a code scan suggests a communication error or short circuit issue, further investigation is usually the only way to pinpoint the problem.
Using the latest technology and equipment we can test the wiring looms to determine any faults. Once a fault is established on a particular loom or circuit, the cause can be pinpointed and repaired.


BMW Auto Electrics

BMW Starter Motors - BMW IBS - BMW Alternators

The auto electrics of a modern BMW are sophisticated, up to date technical data and experienced technicians are essential if there's a problem to be diagnosed.
Naturally we offer both. If there's an auto electrical problem on your BMW or Mini, we guarantee to identify and resolve it eficiently without a dealer pricetag!


Auto Electrical Upgrades

Parking Sensors - Cameras - IDrive - DVD Players

We offer to install and program auto electrical upgrades for BMWs or Minis. Most extras need a wiring modification and coding to work which requires skill to complete properly.
Our narrow focus of brand that we offer these works for means that we are genuinely specialist in this field.