Petrol Injector Servicing & Testing

Advanced Servicing, Testing and Fuel Injector Calibration

Engine power is stolen by dirty injectors!

Our Staff have years of experience in testing, cleaning and refurbishing petrol injectors.

Dragon provides injector testing and refurbishment services to consumers, performance car enthusiasts, engine rebuilders, franchised main dealers, track day car users and race teams throughout the UK.

If you're looking to establish the status of your injectors and maximise calibration, we can help, just get in touch today .

What Is Injector Servicing?

Preventative Maintenance

The number one cause of injector failure is contamination, injector servicing helps prevent faults developing

An Anti-Carbon Treatment

The efficiency of the fuel system has a big impact on the carbon produced by your engine, clean injectors reduce carbon buildup

Performance Enhancing

Contaminated injectors with built up varnish or deposits will greatly reduce your power, cleaning the injectors enhances performance

A Chemical Treatment

The way we service injectors involves a chemical treatment of the injector either in situe or via a flow bench

In-Situe Petrol or Diesel Injector Cleaning Treatment

From £95 per injector. Highly Recommended.

Petrol Injector Works: Testing - Cleaning - Calibration

From £15 per injector

Petrol Injector: Testing, Cleaning & Calibration Service
Do you have a suspected fuel injection issue?
Are you being told you need injector renewal?
Has your fuel consumption changed significantly?

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