Gearbox Fault?

Transmission in Limp Mode? Gears Slipping? Warning Cog?

Dragon Auto Works can diagnose and pinpoint the problem with BMW, Ferrari or Maserati Transmissions


BMW & Mini Automatic Transmissions

We can pinpoint the problem with your BMW Transmission without Guesswork

Unlike so many other garages we have lots of experience in diagnosing and arranging the repair of automatic transmissions.
We can code new ECUs in house, Remove your current unit for rebuild and even uprate the transmssion torque potential.


BMW & Mini Manual Gearboxes

Loss of gears, crunching gears, strange noises?!

Stage one is as ever to confirm whether it is actually the gearbox causing the problems.
We are experienced at determining whether it is the clutch, flywheel, selector mechanism or the actual box. Once this is known, we can advise on the best repair.


Accurate Diagnostics

Pinpoint cause, then Fix

Before you throw money and a guesswork by using someone that doesn't know the first thing about how transmission units actually work, contact us.

We like to pinpoint and prove any fault with the gearbox before we change any parts, resulting in a quicker and more affordable repair.
All too often garages condemn a gearbox only for you to discover they were wrong once they've carried out a repair!