BMW & Mini Suspension Repairs

Suspension Squeaks, Creaks & Bangs - Upgrades - Coil Overs - Corner Weights

The True Test Of Driveability

Suspension condition is the difference between comfort and bone shaking! Whichever suspension system your BMW has installed we’re experienced with them all.

For optimum maintenance and peace of mind, the suspension system should be assessed once a year. There's nothing worse than a car that rattles, squeaks and clonks at any variance in road surface.

BMW Suspension Repair

Suspension Fault Finding & Repairs

Arms, Joints, Balls & Bushes! Strictly cars only!

Whichever Suspension system your German or Performance vehicle has installed we're experienced with them all.

If you hear a noise, be it squeak, bang or clonk, our technicians will pinpoint and identify the cause and we can fix any fault found. We have all the technology and specialist tools to make the diagnosis and repair efficient and effective.

BMW Air Suspension

Air Suspension

Quality Repairs that cost Less

If you have an air suspension fault and you've heard horror stories on the cost of repairs, fear not, we offer all the most economic solutions and undercut the competition on quality parts prices with the same guaranteed warranty on the repairs.

At Dragon we've manufactured our own test tools to facilate rapid diagnosis of most air suspension faults whilst keep your costs to a minimum. Get in touch today to book an Initial Assessment.

We've made our own test tools to facilate rapid diagnose of most air suspension faults to keep your costs to a minimum. Get in touch today to book an Initial Assessment.

BMW Suspension Upgrades

Suspension Modifications

Coilover Kits & Uprated Components

Installing a set of coilovers will give your vehicle a whole new level of performance and suspension adjustability reserved in the past for only high end race cars.

The ability to corner balance and fine-tune your suspension with various settings for different road or track conditions will give you a new appreciation for what your car is capable of, especially during cornering.

Dragon Automotive are happy to provide a customer consultation to determine the best suspension setup on a case by case basis. We have experience of fitting & upgrading many systems including Formula Dynamics Ferrari & Maserati suspension upgrades.
Typical BMW Models with Air Suspension fitted are X5 and X6 off road vehicles.

BMW Corner Weight Balance

Corner Weight Adjustment

Accurate Adjustment for Coil Overs

So you've bought the Coil Over Kit and now you car doesn't handle like it should?
Its a very common story. Dragon are South Wales leading BMW handling centre and can balance your car using our corner weight scales to get the ultimate in handling.

Unlike the dealer or other independents we know exactly how to setup your BMW suspension and adjust the vehicle to make it corner like a Ferrari!

BMW Suspension Knocks

Suspension Knocks

High Tech Knock and Bang Detection

So your BMW or Mini makes a noise over bumps? You've changed parts and it still makes a noise?

We can install sound detectors on your vehicle and drive it to replicate the noise and pinpoint the cause or at the least the area the noise comes from eliminating unnecessary parts.