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Specialist Servicing

Dragon Auto Works is also a premier independent performance car specialist, offering dealer level support, servicing and diagnostics at affordable prices. Our boss has two Maserati cars himself so it's a service close to the heart of the company.

The new block exemption rules mean you no longer have to use a main dealer for servicing your car whilst under warranty.

Servicing your car at Dragon Automotive will not affect your manufacturers warranty and will save you money.

The Main Dealer Knows Best?

The theory is that the vehicle manufacturer should know best on what maintenance is required to keep the car functioning at its best.

The problem with that is that the manufacturer may have different expectations on the lifespan of your car than you do!
Whilst we can deliver the service schedules exactly as the manufacturer would, we also go the extra mile to provide the kind of maintenance required for your car to last 200000 miles at least!

The real question is, are car manufacturers actually trying to push us all into a throw-away car society that has a new vehicle every three to five years?
Most of us don’t particularly want to waste that much money changing cars every few years. It’s bad enough how much the car depreciates in no time at all.

So are the schedules and maintenance plans actually created with your best interests at heart?
Or are they actually designed to maintain the car to the minimal so that it will conveniently develop a fault just as the service plan period expires, an encouraging motivation for you to part ex it for a nice new one. The answer probably depends on how cynical you are!

Servicing Extras

Once you're one of our customers, we'll do everything we can to keep you as our customer.

We like to give away some extras to our servicing customers to show our appreciation for your custom, these include:

  • Complimentary code scan with every service and one free extra if needed between servicing
  • Complimentary fluid level checks and Free topups anytime between servicing
  • A Free Winter Safety Check between 1st December and 28th February
  • A Free Summer Safety Check between 1st June and 31st August

The Importance of Oil

Obviously oil is a vital requirement for your engine, fairly obvious stuff that.

However it's easy to forget to check the level & a surprisingly large number of people think that because it's a new or newish car, it doesn't need checking.
In actual fact, statistics show that 1 in 3 cars are in need of an oil top up right now & your car could easily be one of them.
Don't assume that a sensor will warn you, by the time it does engine wear and damage may have already occurred. Fancy gambling with the engine?

Modern driving conditions and performance requirements mean your engine works harder than ever to provide the modern drivers experience and as such a good quality oil is absolutely essential to minimise wear and maximise operation. Dragon always use the recommended oils of the right specifications and we sell it without an astronomical premium too.

Quality Filters

Cheap imported copies may seem like an easy way to save on the cost of servicing but in reality they are very much a false economy. You should always remember the purpose of the filters. Do you really want an oil filter that isn't doing its job of filtering the contaminates?
More to the point, do you really want the expensive repair bill or hassle of a broken car if you don't?

OE (Original Equipment) has been approved and meets all the requirements. It is manufactured to the original specifications for your vehicle and has the manufacturer stamp of approval. Dragon will only fit genuine OE manufacturer approved parts to your vehicle. We firmly believe in top quality parts.

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