Automatic Transmission Servicing

Fluid Flushes - Premium Filters - Additional Filters - Cooler Upgrades

Did you know that automatic transmissions need servicing? It's often overlooked and there is plenty of misconceptions and misunderstandings on the topic. Ignore transmission maintenance and you'll be risking gearbox failure.

Dragon Automotive have researched the topic in great depth and our advice is to service your automatic transmission every 50,000 miles if you want a reliable gearbox. BMW have been known to imply that their automatic transmissions don't require servicing and are sealed for life units. We would suggest considering the question of what their definition of life is. Undoubtedly it is conveniently linked to the warranty period they offer on their cars.

Our opinion is that no fluid or filter has sufficient longevity to last the mileage expected of the car. Would you leave your engine oil unchanged? The transmission fluid performs a similarly important job of lubricating the gearbox internals.

Our Auto Box Servicing Program includes:

Transmission Flushing

Our FloDynamics transmission machine (Mercedes approved technology) allows us to perform a comprehensive transmission system flush with the service. This flushes through the pipes, transmission cooler, torque converter and gearbox removing any contaminates and cleaning the whole system.

Original Fluid Assessment

We inspect the old fluid removed for any signs of metal contaminate, overheating or unexpected degradation. At least if you box appears compromised we can pre-warn you and prepare you for any future problems.

Transmission Filter Renewal

At Dragon we believe in always renewing the transmission filter as part of the process. There's not much point having nice fresh transmission fluid working with a dirty old filter! We also renew the sump seal(s) as needed.

Top Quality Transmission Fluid

We always use OE manufacturer approved transmission fluids designed to work with your car, providing optimum performance and the best opportunity for maximum longevity.

BMW ZF Transmission Servicing

Requires ZF Lifeguard Fluid which is expensive. Typical Service Cost of £475

BMW GM Transmission Servicing

A more reasonably priced transmission unit. Typical Service Cost of £195

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