Injector Repairs

Injector Refurbishment - Injector Renewal - Injector Balancing
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BMW fuel injector issues are actually quite common.
Changes in fuel consumption, sluggish performance & lack of power could be symptomatic of an injector fault.
Misfiring on cold starts?
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What We Can Do For You

Injector Testing

Injector Diagnostics establish the flow rate and spray pattern of a set of injectors. Available from £20 per injector

Injector Balancing

A convoluted phrase for matching a set of injectors that have the closest spray pattern and flow rate to each other

Injector Servicing

Refurbishment of the injectors with renewal of the seals and internals as necessary to restore optimal performance

Injector Upgrades

Assessment of your fuel injection system and upgrading it to improve power levels with uprated performance parts

ASNU Technology
World Leaders

ASNU are premier in injector diagnostic equipment, staying ahead of fuel injection developments. ASNU test benches are considered to be the creme de la creme of Injector diagnostics and servicing.

Our Equipment
at Dragon Automotive

Guess What?! We have ASNU test benches. We specialise in petrol injectors and optimising the performance of them, regular training keeps our technicians at the forefront of injector technology.