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Walnut Blasting & Chemical Carbon Removal

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Carbon Buildup Causes All Sorts of Problems!

All engines produce carbon as a side effect of the engine combustion process.

Unfortunately not all of the carbon gets emitted via the exhaust system (to be filtered by the DPF or CAT), with modern recircularisation systems carbon deposits build up in the intake system.

Engine decarbonisation is a vital service to prevent bigger problems developing.

What Is Walnut Blasting?

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A Sand Blaster

The machine used is effectively a sand blaster with walnut beads rather than sand

Extremely Messy

The process is actually rather messy, probably not a home mechanic task in reality

Amazing Results

It is astonishing just how effective the walnut blasting is, it really does look like new

Dealership Approved

The dealerships (in America & Germany at least) recommend this process as part of a regular maintenance schedule

Intake System Chemical Decarbonisation Treatment

From £95 per vehicle. Highly Recommended.

Walnut Blasting Treatment & Intake Decoke - Restores to As New condition

From £150 per vehicle.

Complete Walnut Blasting & Intake System Chemical Decarbonisation Treatment

From £200 per vehicle.

Do you have a suspected carbon buildup issue?
Is your DPF Blocked or CAT Collapsed?
Has you fuel consumption changed significantly?

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