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BMW GM3 Module

BMW General Module (GM Module)

What is it?

One of the multiple control units in a modern car. This one controls and monitors a lot of the "general" functions within the car such as electric windows, wiper blades, interfacing with the dashboard and so on.

The GM module also often incorporates check functions and interfacing for the security system.

GM3 Internals

GM Module Faults

BMW Common Failure Component

The BMW GM modules are prone to failures and faults. The electrolytic capacitors and relays failing is the most common issue.
We can accurately diagnose a GM Module fault and our electronics lab is setup for repairing these problems. We keep stock components for most GM module repairs.

Symptons include Windows not working or only in one direction, doors locking but not unclocking.

BMW CAS Module underneath

Footwell, CAS, Light Modules ....

BMW have a lot of modules fitted to their BMW, Mini and Rolls Royce Vehicles. Dragon is able to actino repairs on ANY BMW MODULE.