BMW & Mini Steering & Electronic Steering Locks

Steering Systems Repairs - Steering Racks - Electronic Locks - ELV Issues


Power Assisted Steering

Power Steering Pump, Coupling, Reservoir & Cooler

Power assisted steering revolutionised the handling and driveability of cars. If your steering becomes heavy and diffcult or whining, you may have a failing pump or a power steering fluid leak.

We can diagnose and resolve any BMW power assisted steering fault or Mini power assisted steering fault and find you a cost effective quality solution.

From a Steering Pump Noise to a Sterring Lock Dragon can help all BMW and Mini owners.


Steering Racks

Steering Rack faults, Split gaitors, Track rod failures

If your BMW steering rack starts leaking or failing, Dragon can organise a full steering rack refurbishment. Steering rack gaitors split and are likely to need periodic replacement, we can help.

Track rod end wear and tear is a common mot test failure. We can supply and install good quality OE or OEM parts to restore steering performance.


Steering Boxes

Old School Steering System

Rather than a rack and pinion mechanism, a steering box uses recirculated ball bearings to improve mechanical advantage.

Popular on older BMWs etc, a steering box can be rebuilt or replaced by Dragon Automotive if necessary. We also offer the fluid servicing for them.


Electronic Steering Locks

Computer controlled Steering Locks, a nightmare when they go wrong!

Gone are the days of turning your steering slightly on exit to apply the mechanical steering lock for release with the key on next use.

These days it's all computer controlled, electronic and usually part of the steering column itself. All well and good until they go wrong, and on modern BMWs there is no manual override! Don't panic, we can help, we offer all the solutions as we know how hard this system can hit your wallet.


Steering Wheels

Button and Electronic Repairs

Sometimes the electronics on the steering wheel fail; maybe the radio button doesn't work, the horn doesn't work or even the stalks. Dragon can repair, replace and recode any BMW Steering Wheel.
We can also repair or replace the buttons which may fall off in our state of the art electronics laboratory.
We can also code and retrofit different steering wheels, like the BMW sport wheels with temp and oil temp gauges built into them.


Steering Columns

Creaky Columns, Vague Steering Wheel

If the column has started making horrible noises and there seems to be fault, we can strip it down and diagnose the problem.

Refurbishment and Reconditioned Columns are sometimes an option, along with aftermarket units on some models. We will source the right solution for you.