BMW & Mini Clutches

Clutch Replacements - Upgrated Clutches - Dual Mass Flywheels

BMW and Mini Clutch & Flywheel Installation

At DragonAuto.Works we will price match on any like for like clutch & flywheel. Rest assured our clutch and flywheel prices are the most competitive in South Wales.

We use quality parts and provide a full 12 month warranty. You'll get impartial advise and we can even provide you with a free courtesy car.



BMW & Performance Clutches

If you don't want to pay main dealer prices but you want the same expertise and tooling, we offer a great combination of affordability and quality.
We can supply and fit a quality OE aftermarket or genuine OEM clutch, without any hassle at a great price. Our technicians are all highly trained and your vehicle will get the attention to detail it deserves.



Solid Flywheels & Dual Mass Flywheels

Quite often a DMF (Dual Mass Flywheel) will fail before a clutch. It absorbs vibrations from most modern diesel and some petrol engines.
When a DMF fails you will get odd behaviour from your clutch pedal and may notice vibrations and noises, don't wait until the DMF causes greater damage.

Dragon Automotive provide a FREE clutch and flywheel assessment, call in during normal working hours - no appointment needed.


Carbon Clutches

Carbon Based Clutch Upgrades

When it comes to performance cars, clutches don't last long, perhaps 5000 miles if you're lucky.

We can provide and install a carbon fibre clutch for your vehicle generally prolonging the life of the clutch by up to 200%.

Similarly, if you've had a turbo fitted or you've remapped your vehicle then you might experience your clutch slipping with the added torque, an upgraded clutch can help.


Clutch Calibration

Ferrari, BMW SMG, Maserati, Lamborghini... Clutch Calibrations

We're probably the only specialist in South Wales able to recalibrate your clutch properly. If you've fitted the clutch yourself or perhaps you've bought a vehicle and the clutch isn't calibrated correctly you'll experience rapid clutch degeration.

Dragon can calibrate most clutches on Supercars like Maserati Gransports, Ferrari F360s, Ferrari F430s, Lamborghini Gallardos, BMW M3s, M5s with SMG Transmissions and many more...