Fuel Economy Problems

Changes in your fuel economy can be a warning of a developing fault


Fuel System Testing

If you've got a suspected fuel fault, often highlighted by a change in your fuel economy, a thorough fuel system inspection is strongly recommended. After all, who wants to waste money on fuel?
Changes in fuel economy aren't always caused by a fuel system fault which is why we follow a guided test plan to ensure that we aren't barking up the wrong tree!


Testing the Flow

A small leak can have a big impact

A pinpoint hole in a hose or pipe of the intake system can cause a metered airflow variance leading to the control unit trying to compensate with overfuelling.
Naturally this affects the fuel consumption which may be noticeable before the variance becomes great enough to trigger an error code and dash warning. Our advanced diagnostic tooling means we can accurately test for any flow leaks.


Smoke Pro Leak Finding

Being able to test for leaks in the intake system and exhaust system helps us to find any pipe or hose damage or even component seal failures that aren't always visable on inspection and only show themselves under the pressure of the smoke travelling through.

We're also able to rule out misfueling and other associated issues by filling the inlet manifold with smoke to find any leaks or problems.


Dyno Test & Simulation

Simulation of road usage via dyno test enables us to see what's happening in a controlled test environment, letting us find even the most obscure of problems at minimal risk of engine damage.