BMW and Mini Upgrades

A huge range of BMW and Mini car upgrades

South Wales BMW & Mini Upgrades Specialists

At DragonAuto.Works we pride ourselves on our experience at improving your already brilliant BMW or Mini by adding those extras that it's missing.

Transform your BMW from standard to extraordinary!


From Dash Cameras, PDC, Trackers, Hands Free through to Audio & TV retrofits; we offer it all.

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Software & Coding

Most upgrades involve a software update or coding modification of some nature. We can do it all.

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Induction System

Intake Kits, Performance Air Filters, Intake Manifolds, Turbochargers & Supercharger Kits; we offer it all.

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Engine Upgrades

Machine works and uprating the engine for more power, longevity & greater resilience is popular; we can help.

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Suspension Upgrades

Get the ultimate in cornering ability and handling with suspension improvements installed by our specialist team.

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Brake Upgrades

If you're going to upgrade the performance it's wise to uprate the safety too; particularly the braking system.

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Remapping & Rolling Road Sessions

Getting the optimum from your BMW or Mini by improving the software for economy or performance. Rolling road services included.

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DPF Removal

A bypass modification for the restrictive performance caused by a DPF. Not recommended for legal reasons and subject to a contract.

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Aftermarket ECUs

Aftermarket ECU options available with professional fitting and set up at our workshops. Ideal for engine modifications and bigger projects.

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Gearbox Upgrades

Adaptation values and gearbox upgrades are highly recommended if other modifications are in place to prevent premature failure of the gearbox.

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Exhaust Upgrades

Dragon custom exhausts including Mufflers; Tips; Manifolds; High Flow Cats; X Pipes. All made in house and supplied with a Lifetime Warranty.

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