Keep Your AirCon Cold

Complete AirCon Servicing

Air Con Services

It's a common misconception that you only need air conditioning to keep you cool in the summer months. Whilst the ability to turn the car into a fridge for our one day of British summer is nice, the main purpose of air conditioning is to dehumidify the air within the vehicle to keep the screens from misting up with moisture.

We would go so far as to say that AirCon is more important in winter than summer!

Keeping the system in full running order makes sense, let us help you.


Accurate Aircon Servicing

Fully Automatic Delphi AirCon Service

At Dragon we reduce costs, waiting time and errors by using the latest generation of Delphi Aircon equipment.

The machine drains any old refridgerant, applies a vacuum to ensure all moisture is removed from the system, drains and injects compressor oil, adds tracer dye (just in case of a leak developing) and refills the correct amount of R134a Refridgerant for your vehicle.

All done with a press of a button on the machine and you even get a printout confirming the service application. All for just £75.


Nitrogen Injections

Got a leak? Let's find it!

Its actually illegal to fill your vehicle with R134a Refridgerant knowing there is a leak because you would knowingly releasing harmful gases into the environment.

We offer nitrogen filling with a tracer dye to help identify system leaks. This is a safe and environmently friendly method of finding the leak.

AirCon leaks can be obvious, often the condensor radiator is at fault, or they can be a nightmare (don't forget that the pipes run behind the dash) but we'll find it!


Aircon Diagnostics

Advanced AirCon Diagnostics

If the AirCon isn't working or doesn't seem to be working properly, we can help. Our diagnostics team will investigate for you.

We can test the AirCon compressor and if necessary be provide a rebuild on your unit or source a reconditioned replacement if yours is beyond repair.

Whatever the problem, Dragon Automotive can provide accurate diagnosis and find the most cost effective solution for you.