Starting Issues & Non-Running

Slow to Start? Rough Start? Non-Starter?
Dragon Automotive can help

There is nothing more frustrating than when your BMW or Mini doesn't start properly, unless it doesn't start at all!
Unfortunately there are lots of different causes for these symptoms. Don't worry we can solve the problem.


Diagnosing the fault

As with all problems, correct diagnosis is key to a successful repair. With starting issues, the first important factor is whether the vehicle does actually start or is a non-runner.
This is obviously something you can determine for yourself before you call us. We offer recovery for those worst case scenarios.
The most common causes fall under three categories; Spark, Fuel or Flow. Following our guided test plans we can provide you with an accurate diagnosis.


BMW & Mini Slow Turnover

When your car attempts to turnover but is sluggish to do so, the electronics are most likely to be at fault. We would test the battery, alternator and starter motor and the feeds surrounding them.


BMW & Mini Slow Firing

When your car attempts to turnover normally but is slow to fire, either the spark or the fuelling system is likely to be at fault. Futher testing would pinpoint which system had a fault.


BMW & Mini Rough Idle

When your car starts but runs poorly on start up there may be a misfire or hunt present. This is most likely to be fuel or air flow issue. Further investigation would narrow down the cause.


BMW & Mini Start & Cut Out

When your car turns over, fires, runs briefly then cuts out it is most likely a lack of fuel pressure issue or an electronic fault with injector firing. Fuel diagnostics would be the starting point.


BMW & Mini Non-Start

When your car doesn't even attempt to start, it could be any of the systems causing a fault or worst case scenario there could be a timing issue. This usually requires the most diagnosis to identify the cause.