Software & Coding

Software Updates for BMW & Mini
Coding Modifications for BMW & Mini

BMW & Mini Software Tweaks

Most upgrades involve a software update or coding modification of some nature.

Here at Dragon, we can do it all, even the things the dealer can't or won't!


Software Updates

Fixes Glitches & Gremlins

Like windows updates on your pc, which you may or may not notice the point of, BMW modify their software with improvements and fixes.
Keeping your car's software at the latest version actually keeps everything working at its optimum and resolves minor issues that have been identified.


Coding Works

Coding Activation & Modifications

If you want to activate a system you've added or changed the coding will need to be modified and set up.

At Dragon Automotive, we have all the tooling to modify the coding or activate a module on your BMW or Mini.

Popular choices include "Deactivate BMW Start/Stop" and "Convert to Non Runflat" but whatever you're lookung for, we're likely to have done it before.

Software Updates from £65

Coding Activation or Modification from £55