Why Use Us

Dragon Auto Works - The Fully Independent One-Stop Workshop For BMW, Mini & Specialist Cars

Fully Independent

We are 100% Independent & completely unaffiliated to BMW AG or any other manufacturer.

Customers choose us because we put their interests before that of corporate greed. Obviously we're here to make a profit but we don't do it with overinflated labour rates or extortionate markups on parts.

We can offer solutions tailored to your budget not corporate guidelines and franchise targets. Efficient & Economic is what you'll get from us and you can expect big savings from dealership prices.

One Stop Shop

We're confident that our workshop is the most advanced and well equipped BMW & Mini specialist in South Wales, if not the UK!

9 Workbays, Rolling Road, Electronics Laboratory, Injector Test Benches, Metalwork & Fabricaton Studio, Tyre Warehouse; all in-house and ready to provide whatever your BMW, Mini or performance vehicle needs.

Come and see us, we'll show you around so you can be reassured that we're the right workshop to entrust your car to.

Competitive Pricing

Our main objective is to provide a fully independent dealer alternative at a fraction of the cost you'd get charged with the local franchised BMW & Mini Dealerships.

Our customers are always pleasantly surprised by our reasonable pricing structure. We save you pounds not be cutting corners or reducing quality but rather by cutting our cost base and passing the savings onto you.

Even if you've agreed to a service plan with the dealership, we can still offer better pricing on the items you've not already paid for, such as tyres. A typical set of like for like premium brand tyres could be £100 or more cheaper from us than the dealer.

Years of Experience

Our team have years of experience working on BMW, Mini and other prestige marques. We are confident that we probably offer the best levels of independent BMW & Mini expertise in South Wales. No other local specialist provides the same level of technical ability or high tech equipment as DragonAuto.Works for your BMW, Mini or Performance Vehicle

Combined as a team we have over 60 years’ experience of BMW and Premium Brands.

All our technicians are fully qualified and attend regular training courses to keep up to date with their knowledge and skills. We invest in our staff like we have invested in our equipment, to the highest level.

No Obligation Estimates

We will provide you with accurate and easy to understand estimates. All work will be agreed with you at the time of booking and confirmed on the day that your vehicle arrives with us.

We will never carry out additional work without your consent. We provide you with a clear explanation of costs and explain exactly what needs to be done, and why.
We're happy for you to come and have a look with the technician too.

Our Guarantees

We guarantee our workmanship. No time limit, no mileage limit, no excuses.

Generally the parts that we fit are guaranteed for either 12 or 24 months (although this differs for "wear" parts such as brakes). Your service advisor will be able to clarify any warranty queries for you.

Reconditioned items come with at least 6 months warranty and depending on the level of reconditioning up to 24 months.
Used parts generally have no warranty, we don't tend to supply used parts but will fit them for you if you choose to source them.

Meet the Technician

Our competent and knowledgeable technicians are available to talk to you directly or over the telephone whilst your vehicle is with us. If you have a query about any work being done or work that needs to be done, you're most welcome to talk it over with the technican.

However, please be reasonable on how much of their time is taken up. We can't afford for them to be providing hour long free consultations, 20 minutes or so is fine.

Engineering Services

We provide a complete engineering service to design and build custom parts for customers cars. Whilst you might not have a performance BMW that you're racing, the same level of expertise and precision is applied to all cars in our workshop.

Advanced Diagnostics

Diagnostics are one of the core pillars of our business. We've invested time and money into the very latest equipment to enable us to accurately and quickly diagnose BMW, Mini & Specialist vehicles.

Combined with our continual commitment to keeping our staff up to date on their training, we're confident we offer the most effective fault finding.

BMW & Mini Car Focus

We are specific about what we do. BMW, Mini & Specialist Cars.

There are lots of "specialists" out there that seem to claim they actually "specialise" in anything that comes through the door. With the complexity of modern day cars, we don't really understand how anyone can claim to be able to work on all makes & models.

We're different, we carry a big BMW, Mini, Maserati & Ferrari Stock and we have the tooling, equipment & skills to work on these vehicles to a high degree of competence.

Does Halfords, Kwik Fit or the typical MOT centre offer the same level of brand specific equipment and training as us?

Rolling Road Dynamometer

We are South Wales ONLY Independent BMW & Mini Specialist with a Rolling Road Dyno.

If you want a proper job, don't let someone tune or remap your car without using a rolling road. A mobile remapping agent installing a generic off-the-shelf map to your vehicle is not in the same league as attending a workshop where the map is written in-house using the rolling road for reference.

For Tuning, Development & Upgrades nobody else in South Wales can offer our level of expertise. Come & take a look at our project vehicles and discuss your needs with our tuning team.