Braking & ABS System Repairs

ABS Units, Sensors, Relucator Rings

The Need to Stop!

It's great to keep your car running but it's just as important to be able to stop!

Regardless of power and no matter how fast you drive, braking is a fundamental necessity. For optimum maintenance and peace of mind, the braking system should be assessed once a year. An hours worth of brake inspection could save a life, be it your own or not.


Brake Discs

BMW & Performance Brake Discs

Dragon Automotive offer the complete package for Brake Disc services. We supply quality new discs and drums. We can also recondition your existing discs where serviceable.

We can provide top quality Bosch, TRW, Febi, Ferodo, Brembo and Manufacturer Discs at reasonable prices. We also have our Brake skimming system to resurface your current discs. Our high specification Brake skimming machines are fully BMW and Ferrari Approved.

More Info about Disc Skimming


Brake Shoes

BMW & Performance Brake Shoes

Brake shoes are part of drum braking, the shoe presses against the inside of the brake drum to halt the movement. The drum is attached to the wheel so it tends to be an effective way of stopping.

We offer supply and fitment of quality replacement brake shoes to restore braking efficiency. We will source OE or OEM parts. We also provide a braking assessment, call in during normal working hours, no appointment needed.


Brake Pads

BMW & Performance Brake Pads

Dragon Automotive supply new pad sets with wear sensors where applicable and can also resurface your existing pads.

We can source Bosch, TRW, Febi, Ferodo, Brembo and Genuine Pad sets. Sometimes Brake pad resurfacing is an option during Brake Disc Skimming.

More Info about Pad Surfacing


Brake Fluid Testing

Dragon Free Brake Fluid Test

Brake fluid is a hydraulic fluid that lubricates the braking system and is pressurised to amplify braking force. The fluid is normally glycol-ether based and is unfortunately water absorbant.

Moisture diffuses into the fluid through hoses and seals, once the water content is higher than 2% the fluid is classed as unserviceable and should be renewed.

We offer a Free brake fluid water content test which can be done while you wait, just bring the car or a sample of the fluid to see us during opening hours.


Brake Fluid Servicing

BMW & Performance Brake Fluid Service

Dragon Automotive provide complete brake fluid servicing done properly with specialist equipment to ensure accurate bleeding of the system and the correct fluid type.

Brake Fluid Service Pricing


Brake Lines & Hoses

Copper Brake Line Replacement & Hose Renewal

Corroded brake lines can lead to an MOT test failure. If you get a failure or advisory for porus brake lines we can help.

Dragon offer the option to replace original steel brake lines with more robust copper lining. Typically copper pipe will outlast the lifespan of the vehicle, whereas steel lines generally last a maximum of 10 years.

The replacement line comes in a reel and we custom bend the pipes to the correct shapes and lengths for your vehicle.


Brake Calipers

BMW & Performance Brake Calipers

Brake calipers vary in style and design, modern cars often have electronic calipers, and they generally have good longevity provided the brake fluid has been well serviced but nothing lasts forever.

Sometimes caliper pistons become sticky and start to bind, staying on causing excess brake heat. This often results in brake squeal, warped discs and abnormally rapid brake pad wear. In severe cases, you'll experience ABS and major braking issues.

Dragon Automotive can source and supply brake calipers for nearly any German or Performance vehicle. Calipers are usually exchange items and we only supply top quality approved parts. Alternatively, if replacement parts are not readily available rebuild kits are another option.


ABS Modulator & Pump

ABS Pump – DSC Pump – ABS Modulator

Usually a combined unit on majority of BMW vehicles, it is unfortunately a common component for faults either with the modulator control element or the actual pump. A code scan will likely reveal either 5DF0 and / or 5DF1 codes for brake pressure faults and communication errors.

We offer repair refurbishment solutions for most BMW models. This tends to cost a fraction of the price for a new part. The first stage is a full diagnostic. Sorry but we only accept the complete vehicle for this process, if you send the parts separately we will return them untouched.


ABS Sensors

BMW ABS Wheel Speed Sensors

ABS sensors collect data on the wheel speed by counting the speed of rotation by the reluctor rings. This data is processed by the ABS Modulator to operate the Anti-Lock braking system when required. The sensor data is also used by other systems requiring wheel speed data so more than one warning light may occur if the sensor becomes defective.

We offer supply and fitment of quality replacement ABS Sensors if this is found to be the fault. We source OE or OEM parts.


ABS Reluctor Rings

BMW ABS Reluctor Ring Faults

On most BMW’s ABS reluctor rings are used. These are effectively a metal ring with a specific number of windows on it for the ABS sensor to count. There is one on each driveshaft to allow data collection for each individual wheel. Some systems use a magnet system on the bearing in correlation with the sensor instead.

Unfortunately, it is extremely common for these reluctor rings to swell with corrosion causing the readings to be out of tolerance and flagging an error code onto the system. The dealer solution is to replace the whole driveshaft! We can supply and install replacement reluctor rings to your original driveshaft at a fraction of the cost.