Why Choose a BMW Specialist over a German Vehicle Specialist?

At Dragon Automotive we don’t believe that one shop can become a specialist in all German brands. There is a huge difference between a BMW and a Mercedes or a BMW and a VAG based vehicle.

All too often we see cars that been to a so called “German specialist” only for the vehicle to be incorrectly diagnosed and the wrong procedures performed. All too often poor workmanship is hidden behind names most people believe are quality.

At Dragon you get
Expert Staff – All Trained in BMW and MINI
BMW Diagnostic Tooling – The same as the dealer plus a lot lot more
BMW Specialist Tooling – Want to lift a roof from a 6 series, we reckon there is nobody else in South Wales with the jig!
Rolling Road – South Wales most advanced Rolling Road Dyno
Fab Shop – CNC Plasma, Turning, Milling, Surface Grinding, Tig Welding, Bending, you name it we have it

What you don’t get at Dragon
We don’t do other brands. Why not? We don’t know enough about them to call ourselves specialists and we think that if you want the very best Mercedes or VAG Service then you need to go to a VAG or Merc Specialist.
We can do everything the dealer can do plus a lot more. When a customer picks dragon we want them to know that we will put everything we have in to a job and that when we work on your car you have experts in all aspects of that brand working on it.

How to spot a real Specialist
Its very simple. Take a look at the cars around you. At Dragon you will see BMW and MINI vehicles everywhere. You won’t see a single Audi (You might see the odd Ferrari)
When you go to so many Service Centres that claim to specialise they take in any make of car because they are desperate for the work, don’t be fooled!

Bottom Line
If you want a garage that knows more than the local dealers then come visit us. We’ll be happy to show you around and you can discuss your problems with people that love BMW vehicles like you. Or of course you could opt to visit a “German Specialist” that has to finish work on a Peugeot first.
We don’t think anyone can AFFORD or be big enough to be a real German Specialist. The best would be a large franchise dealer with different workshops for different brands. In one workshop the cross over between the brands between tooling and skills is too low, its little more than a general servicing garage when this happens.

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