BMW E90 erroded Hub Nut

We needed to change the wheel bearing on this E90 as there was an ABS error with the bearing. Normal problem: Corroded Hub Nut making it impossible to remove without some heat and a chisel!

Busy BMW Saturday!

We did over 10 rolling road, BMW Diagnostic, and BMW coding sessions on Saturday, our busiest Saturday so far of the year. Here’s a few cars that visited.     Tags: workshop, bmw, saturday, rollingroad, dyno, diagnostic, bmwdiag

2017 Golf R Suspension Upgrade

Brand New VW Golf R in for a suspension upgrade. Customer wanted a better ride, we fitted Koni shocks. Customer reports much better comfort and road handling than the standard overly firm shocks.         Tags: tuning, suspension, golf, golf+r, upgrade, workshop

Electronic Repairs

We perform a wide range of electronic repairs. From Engine ECU work to Instrument Cluster repairs. Take a look at a W211 instrument cluster we repaired last week, the dealer reported the cluster needed to be replaced. Dragon Auto Works were able to fully restore the cluster for a fraction of the cost the dealer …

BMW Straight 6 – Continuing a Winning Formula

  BMW Cars have been associated with Straight 6 Engines for a very long time. Since the first BMW Straight 6 Engine, BMW developed a reputation of building the very best I6 engines in a wide range of cars.   Above E46 Straight 6 Engine   The Straight 6 Engine was something most premium car manufacturers used …

Mercedes-Benz SLR McLaren

Mercedes-Benz SLR McLaren Introduced:- 17 November 2003 Production ends:- 4 April 2008 US and Canada Sales Figures Year U.S. Mercedes-Benz SLR McLaren Sales Canadian Mercedes-Benz SLR McLaren Sales 2004 45 10 2005 200 28 2006 141 7 2007 104 11 2008 106 11 2009 110 4 2010 7 7 2011 2012 3 2013 YTD * 1 …