X5 4.8 Fuel Pump Repair

BMW X5 recovered in non-running with fuelling problems. Considering this particular powerful V8 has done just shy of 200000 miles, it’s not surprising that the fuel pump has worn out. Accessing the pump involves taking the back seats out, in this instance we found a surprisingly large number of nut shells but with a family car …

BMW E90 erroded Hub Nut

We needed to change the wheel bearing on this E90 as there was an ABS error with the bearing. Normal problem: Corroded Hub Nut making it impossible to remove without some heat and a chisel!

Busy BMW Saturday!

We did over 10 rolling road, BMW Diagnostic, and BMW coding sessions on Saturday, our busiest Saturday so far of the year. Here’s a few cars that visited.     Tags: workshop, bmw, saturday, rollingroad, dyno, diagnostic, bmwdiag

2017 Golf R Suspension Upgrade

Brand New VW Golf R in for a suspension upgrade. Customer wanted a better ride, we fitted Koni shocks. Customer reports much better comfort and road handling than the standard overly firm shocks.         Tags: tuning, suspension, golf, golf+r, upgrade, workshop

Electronic Repairs

We perform a wide range of electronic repairs. From Engine ECU work to Instrument Cluster repairs. Take a look at a W211 instrument cluster we repaired last week, the dealer reported the cluster needed to be replaced. Dragon Auto Works were able to fully restore the cluster for a fraction of the cost the dealer …

BMW Straight 6 – Continuing a Winning Formula

  BMW Cars have been associated with Straight 6 Engines for a very long time. Since the first BMW Straight 6 Engine, BMW developed a reputation of building the very best I6 engines in a wide range of cars.   Above E46 Straight 6 Engine   The Straight 6 Engine was something most premium car manufacturers used …