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BMW X5 Eco Remap

This BMW X5 came in for a fuel economy remap. Today we’ve updated our map and during our test drive are getting over 10 to 15MPG more than we were with standard software. This is a massive saving in fuel plus when the need arises over 20% more torque. Don’t gorget though, if you use all …

JPS 635 CSi hits the track again at Siliverstone

BMW has a long history of motorsport success. Bavarian cars have been competing in, and winning, touring car races for decades now. There’s been so many, it’s hard to keep track of them all. But one of the absolute best of them is also one that’s not as well known around these parts and it’s …

2017 Golf R Suspension Upgrade

Brand New VW Golf R in for a suspension upgrade. Customer wanted a better ride, we fitted Koni shocks. Customer reports much better comfort and road handling than the standard overly firm shocks.         Tags: tuning, suspension, golf, golf+r, upgrade, workshop