BMW M3 E90 Tuning

Whatever type of BMW you own Dragon Auto Works know a thing or two about BMW ECU’s and how to recalibrate.

E90 M3s Siemens MSS60 is a piece of cake for us to tune. Whether you want it popping, better throttle response or want the car tuned to run NOS better.

Perhaps you have an E46 M3 with a MSS54 or a 3 Litre with an MS43 or MS42. We can tune these ECU’s on our dyno LIVE using our OLS300.
We have a number of ECU’s in stock which we can place on your car with ANY BMW Software version you like and switch between versions in the blink of an eye.

Using WinOLS and OLS300 we can live map your factory ECU on any E46, E36 or E39. Perhaps you’ve added forced induction, no issue.

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