BMW FRM/Footwell Repair

It’s very common for your BMW Footwell module to “BRICK”. When a FRM module bricks itself, no communication will be possible via any diagnostic tool and ISTA will report the tool is not communicating.

At Dragon we can repair such module in our electronics lab.
Quite often FRM modules fail when clearing codes or adapting them in some way to a sensor.


A typical FRM Module:

The footwell module contains two types of flash, Program Flash and Data Flash. Within the Data Flash element there is an emulated eeprom which can easily get corrupted, often detected completely. We rebuild this and repair the module.


If your FRM module is dead, bring it to Dragon with the Vehicle VIN number and we can repair it within a couple of hours in most instances.

If your FRM has water damage, In 50% of cases we can repair these or clone you another module to work with your vehicle

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