Rustproofing Treatment

Rust Treatment - Undersealing - Rustproofing Treatment

Rust Prevention

The underside of your pride and joy gets a lot of assaults from the road during driving. Surface water; grit and salt; debris all attack the underneath and cause corrosion and damage.

Underbody Protection - Stop rust in its tracks! Underbody protection is the first step in prolonging the life of your vehicle. Nearly all cars have some kind of protection from new, but there are limits to this.

Fight Corrosion

You make the effort to service and maintain your engine and mechanical components regularly, but how often do you consider the underside?

Most car owners don't give it a thought. Like most things with your vehicle, it's better to do preventative maintenance than have a costly repair afterwards.

Dragon RustWorks Treatment

Protect for 5 Years

Help weather your car against corrosion with our rustproofing treatment. Specially designed to combat the wear and tear of the cars underside and provide a layer of protection against the salt and chemicals on our roads. The treatment is guaranteed for 5 years with an annual inspection to check condition.

Steam Cleaning

It has to be squeaky clean before we begin! If the car isn't cleaned before we begin then there isn't any hope of the rustproofing work being successful. Applying the product to mud and debris is pointless as it will simply wear away in no time. Road debris, mud, salt and grease all need to be removed before any treatment takes place. We use an industrial Karcher Steamer to prepare the underside.

Rust Elimination

Best practice is to eliminate any corrosion and repair the area first. We apply our portable sand blasting machine using a red oxide material to literally blast any corrosion from the vehicle. The amount of time we spend on the car doing this is set by you deciding on how much labour time you would like to pay for.

Underside Repairs

If there is corrosion or underneath damage, we offer the necessary repair works too. From minor welding repairs to complete sill replacement we can get it sorted at whilst keeping the costs reasonable.

RustProofing Application

The actual proofing element involves several stages (see below for more detail) including chassis injection (where applicable) and application of multiple products for maximum effect and longevity.

What's Involved?

  • Removal of all undertrays & plastic trims to expose underside
  • Hosing of underside to remove loose dirt & grime (detergent if required)
  • Steam cleaning of underside to remove any oily residue
  • Full inspection of condition & assessment of any damage or corrosion
  • Corrosion or damage repairs if applicable
  • Masking of exhaust, transmission and at risk areas for overspray
  • Application of Anti Corrosion paint to affected areas
  • Application of thick coating of Waxoyl to underside
  • Injection of Waxoyl to exposed cavities using injection nozzle
  • Application of Schultz to underside

Dragon RustWorks Treatment

Complete Package from £250